Sixteen demos enter. One demo triumphs. Welcome to the Demo Slampionship.

Last October, we introduced Demo Slam based on one simple idea: nobody knows Google tech better than our users. So we asked all of you to submit tech demo videos that showcase our technology in fun ways.

Four months and many tech demos later, Demo Slam has reached people all over the world. Thanks to students, musicians, filmmakers, scientists, athletes, animators and even a toddler, has become a hub of creativity and technology. We’ve seen voice searches 20 feet off the ground, a living replica of Mt. Rushmore and a transcontinental Street View road race.

It’s been tons of fun, but now it’s time for Demo Slam to get serious: ladies and gentlemen, the first-ever Demo Slampionship begins today. Sixteen of Demo Slam’s finest slams will go head to head in a single elimination tournament. Each round, your votes decide who advances to final Slampionship. Voting for the first round of 16 begins today, followed by the quarter finals, semi finals and the Final Slampionship. Although there can be only one Slampion, every demo will do its part to help millions understand technology a little better.

Go to to check out the competition and start voting on the first round. Let the Slampionship begin!

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