Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Vixion Menjadi YZF-R125

Panduan Lengkap Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Vixion Menjadi YZF-R125 Part 1

Continue from the previous article, after a while wearing R15 be invented .. I feel there is something missing, it turns out where the dissatisfaction lies in the headlamp . Overall results dah ok, but make Vixi visible Vario headlamp motor modifan, in principle I do not want to look modifan, want to look really authentic .

Lights vario after all not the lamps for motor fairing .. From there I started looking for alternative looking for lights for use in motor gw .. briefly considered R1 lamp model 2000 which is similar like R15, or R6 lights .. but its dimensions very wide, so if you wear light r1 r6 or automatic tank and tail are also overhauled, because the cute tank Vixi can kebanting gara gara fairingnya believe it .. hehhe or not, I do not want to Destroy the total motor gw that time .. cuman pengen aja nyari headlight ..

Not long from there, the truth, there is a need to go flying to the UK, accommodation costs borne dah .. hmmm ya opportunity for dapetin headlight didapetin rather difficult in Indonesia. Well this is the first time I was googling about R125, a small cc Yamaha motor that is in europe … Since gw liat gw Headlightnya already convinced it is right for fairing headlight gw ..

So until the English, began deh gw googling where your nearest Yamaha dealer in the town where I live. .. after dapet, turn on the GPS and ready road to where I go … here Sebrang Sebrang there, stop at red lights .. GSX600 through …. more .. uh R6 passes in the next red light .. trruuss, well there is zx6 parked at the curb .. not afraid dicolong what? .. wahhh why I have not met MIO or SUPRA yah hehehe … long story short eventually also sampe deh .. arrived at the dealership instead keasikan Seeing moge clay till forget hehehe .. want to buy a lamp ..

after half an hour memandangin tuh moge moge, finally aja deh straight into the spare part .. R125 headlight windshield pesen deh .. I have to indent a weekly .. fortunately there .. i 1 month gw headlight idle waiting for idle browsing often nyari R125 picture …. Ehh coincidence there is also nemu gw ARM R125, all wheels .. Take deh hehhe ya already … The point I bring home to Indonesia, headlight, windshiel, futstep, arm, wheels .. gw mesen several times at the dealership a few small parts of futstep, because the gw dah dapet broken .. until the dealer asked “are you building a bike? “..
the earliest form of the tank, I should ngorbanin vixion original tank, so the top of the tank removed Vixi deh .. take the bottom part because the holder to fuelpump rada made difficult, fear of leaks that make themselves .. the tank does not make too there are difficulties , 1 week .. After the tank is half finished, go to the tail .. tail section rear frame vixion must have cut, and then spliced in order to obtain maximum results to match the R125.

Last part of the fairing, met quite a few obstacles here, carpenters ketoknya also be several times of word, because the results are less satisfactory .. and I immediately bandingin photos of license plate with the R125 .. to compare the shortcomings ..

of the picture as much as possible I try benahin deh, gw tunjukin picture to builders plate, while you input shortage and what to ditambahin ..

Time System Requirements for this project ngelarin 3 months! .. Well after through the process costly and exhausting, .. gw patience eventually produce Vixion sense YZF R125 … And the results are more satisfying than ever before ..

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