Bike Modification For Beginner

Bike Modification For Beginner

Many of us who love motor modification (bike modify) claim that bike modification is a good hobby. but some of them who dont like bike modification said that it is just a wasteful hobby because it spend a lot of money.

In fact, almost all motorcycles have a little or a lot of modifications. Maybe people do not realize that their motor bike has been modified because the view is still looked like the standard. Though a number of items has changed. Replace spark plugs that are stronger, replace the control more convenient, to change the model a more light is nice and simple modif.

Therefore, an important modification of the objectives and functions. Modification of the goal is to improve motor performance and appearance so that more secure, convenient, fast, and style.

More secure because the modifications that will be better use the tool that is usually after market. More quickly because of the modifications, the engine can be maximalized, ability to control (handling) is optimized. Well, mainly this: more style. Blend the various accessories and body tools, cat, etc., can make the motor is really interesting: wonderful apearance, more or sweet, depending on taste. But as long the slogan "there is something money can not buy." Satisfaction is everything ....

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