Review Volkswagen Bulli launched From Beetle

Volkswagen's Bulli history includes two legendary vehicles, the Beetle and the Type 2, or Microbus. As it revived the Beetle some years ago, the company takes a look back at the Type 2 in a new concept called Bulli. That name comes from the common German term for the Type 2.

The Bulli hearkens back to the Type 2 in its general shape, color scheme, and large VW emblem mounted on the front. But Volkswagen aficionados will immediately notice the lack of a split front windshield.

VW has been here before. In 2001 it showed another Microbus concept. But that never made production. Why come sniffing around the idea a decade later? Well the 2001 car was too big for Europe, so would have sold in the US only and they couldn't make a sound business out of it. This one is smaller so would fit the roads over here too.

It's about the same length as a Polo but wider than a Golf, with the wheels pushed right to the ends to give loads of space. And these same proportions wouldn't have to be diluted for production because it uses VW's new modular platform which can be made in all sorts of dimensions.

The outer and middle seat positions of the front bench seat can be folded down (2/3 split); the rear beach seat, meanwhile, can be completely stowed. When the rear bench seat is stowed, cargo capacity increases to 1,600 liters. In addition – and here the new Bulli is reminiscent of its legendary ancestor – the seat system can be transformed into a large reclining surface with just a few manual movements. This turns the compact MPV into a compact camper – the ultimate companion for a weekend trip.

At least as important for many users, however, is that the seating system should not only be versatile but also offer maximum comfort. The seat position is comfortably high and is equally relaxing. As an added benefit, it offers an optimized view forward as well. And that is how it was in the T1 too. Contributing to peace of mind aboard today’s vehicle is the fact that the new era Bulli is equipped with all conceivable safety features. And that is the crucial difference: the car has essentially been reinvented since the days of the first T1 aka the Bulli aka the Microbus.

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