Lamborghini Aventador Review

The Lamborghini Aventador just made its debut a couple of days ago and already artists are at work rendering a different version of the sports coupe. What we’re looking at is an Aventador roadster version, and we like what we see. Don’t get too excited though; an actual production roadster version isn’t expected until 2014.

Lamborghini had three Aventadors on display, ranging from the bright orange example we first saw in the studio photos to a more subtle grey and a stunning matte white. The white, in particular, shows off the various styling elements of the exterior, especially the muscular creases on the front and sides. Despite having more complex lines, the Aventador still manages to have a cleaner look than some of the later generation Murcielagos. We snagged a few minutes inside, and the quality of materials is proof that Lamborghini is continuing to benefit the Volkswagen Group's influence.

The Aventador sports an all-new 6.5-litre V12 engine weighing in at just 235kg which produces 700bhp, 509lb ft and the ability to transport the carbon-fibre bodied, scissor-doored supercar from 0-62mph in just 2.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 217mph. Since you're asking, the whole thing weighs 1,575kg - lean, for a two-door instrument of shouty oversteer.

The Aventador gets Lambo's new ISR transmission, claimed to be faster and ‘more emotional' than a dual-clutch system. We hope ‘emotional' doesn't refer to randomly breaking out into Opera or weeping hysterically at traffic lights. Those 700 horses trumpet through the box to all four wheels with an electronically controlled Haldex coupling distributing forces front and rear.

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